Duality of Life

Every once in a while I will feel bored and just feel the need to get out and do something.   I think back and remember that when I was working, I could hardly wait for the time I "Had to do nothing."  When we were young, we lacked money to do all the things we wanted to do, and now we lack the energy to do all the things we need to do.  We had to travel in our car because we could not afford to fly when we were young and now we hate the hassle of airports and crowded airplanes.  Yep, you guessed it, the pre Christmas season is upon me.  I could hardly wait for it to arrive as a kid and now it is, "Christmas again?"   

The good news is that I can read a book for now and when it is time to get out and "Blow the Stink Off" I know that Barb had a package or two that needs to go to the post office.   

Oh well, Oh Well, My Lottery Tickets didn't win.  I am some poor sucker without a grin.  (Sing that to the tune of Noel) Power Ball, scratch offs, Magic Millionaire and more, all cry out for my money at the store.  I'll stand in line and cry for more.  Oh well, Oh well, Life's a ball, we can't all win or deck the hall.  etc...


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