If I had to die tomorrow, I'd try to duplicate this Saturday today.  Our family gathering was so much fun for me that I'd take it anytime.  We did miss my mother's being there but the rest of us had a ball.  I have to think that there was a lot more planning and doing by Barb than I was aware of.  All through the White Elephant Gift exchange Barbara was directing people to not take this one package and I really didn't know why until it was Jenn's turn.  She made sure that Jenn got our package and then I remembered why.  Jenn is a brand new Captain in the Kansas City Fire Department and the T-Shirt inside the package said "Call Me Captain".   Between Barb and Jenn, they were pushing this cheesecake hard to everyone.  I found out why when the winner of the best food item at our dinner was Amanda, the cheese cake maker.  Along with our traveling trophy, Barb gave her four tickets to see KU play in the Sprint Center tonight.  I'm sure she will have no trouble finding three more people to with her.

As soon as I get my act together this morning, i am going to drive south at least as far south as OK City.  I am going to pick up our 'Nother daughter Mel and bring her home Wednesday.  We will be blessed with a two week long visit and the holiday will ring with laughter.  

We found out that our Nephew, Bob, will be the father of a baby girl in February.  We all were surprised at the news and hope they will be as proud parents as we will be proud relatives.  Bob's sister said she had lunch with Bob's wife last month and Julia had worn her coat during the meal.  She didn't even notice.  For some reason little children just mean Christmas to me.  I think it is the wonderment they display every day is what I love about Christmas.

On Sunday morning, my brother, his daughter Becky, her friend Bill and Back's daughter Kristin and I went to visit Mom's grave here in Topeka.  Beck had put together the funeral for Mom in Tulsa, but none of them had been to see the grave here in Topeka.  It was a beautiful morning and everything looked great.  Mom and dad are buried in a double stack vault and Mom got the top bunk.  

Oh well, better get going and get my show on the road.


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