Blinding Flash of the Obvious (BFO)

Is it time for us to refocus Christmas a different direction?   I am willing to bet that there are all kinds of people that are going to purchase things that are unnecessary and a lot of things that are unneeded.  If you are a christian, the holiday should be on a refocus of your faith.  For those that don't swing that way, it is time to refocus on family and friends.   

The first reason I say this, is that we have so over commercialized the holiday to the point that we are almost made to spend money that we all should be saving.  I loved my mother's motto.  For years she would say ,"If I can't eat it or wear it, I don't need it!"  If you had been there to clean out her house the last time she moved, you would have understood.  I hate to think what it would be like if I were gone today.  I'm sure there is at least a trash truck of junk here we don't need.

I think that our last trip out west was one of the most memorable because of family.  We just visited most of the time but the last two nights were the icing on the cake.  getting together in Twin Falls with Jerry's family and of course Mom and dad, was so great.  We got to see Jaden and Tracy the day before and Greg and family that day.  During the trip I got to visit with Kenny and Grissy and the last night we were in Boise we got all his kids together for a giant Pizza party.  Right as the party was ending, Ken called and I passed my cell phone to his kids and they all got to visit with him.  To see the smiles there was so great.  

To me, our Petty Party on the 17th will be the event of the year.  It has been a dang good year and I hope my smile is out there for everyone to see.  


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