'Nother Rainy Day in Kansas

The real cold air just went north of us again and we are just getting rain today.  It is damp, cloudy and breezy so not a great day to be outside.  Knowing that any thing we have to do outside will be in the car, takes the edge off and won't deter us from dashing out to do what preChristmas business Barb needs done.  

Have I mentioned that I am a sports fan?  Not as much as my dad was, but I love to watch college basketball and thrill when games are close and teams put out their best to win.  I hate to see teams breakdown into a fistfight near the end and never feel bad when a team does its best and loses.   I wonder how much press Denver would be getting if they were as close to losing as they have been winning.  Tim Tebow can give all the credit to the Lord as he wants, it is his defensive line that is keeping him alive on the field.   

It is pretty clear to me why the KC Football owners canned the coach.  That is a team filled with great players that completely broke down in the second half and the game turned ugly.  The coach was clearly not in charge and the Offensive Coach had no game plan that his team could even understand let alone execute.  To me, it is pretty simple - Make a simple plan and execute it as well as you can.  The poorest plan well executed is better than a complicated plan not executed.  Find their weakness and attack there.  Establish a running game early and work towards passes.  I loved it when  Refrigerator Perry was handed the ball and told to run into the end zone. KC was at its best when Christian Okoyee would be given the ball and run as far as he could.  Generally it was with three or four players hanging on for dear life.

Every year in December, USAA sends us a check for a part of not having any accidents in the year.  Then, in the mail the next day is a bill for our yearly insurance.  Seems like they should just cross level the two and cut the postage.  The good news is that the check goes in the pocket for Christmas, the bad news is we still have to write them a check.    The really bad news is that our Taxes are due this week, again the good news is we have the money to pay them.  

I guess that life is like that for a lot of people.  The good news for us is that when we go out we generally have enough money to pay cash for everything.  I saw a guy buy a bottle of water at the last KU game and he had to use his debit card.  Yes, it was $4.00 but if I didn't have $4.00 I sure as hell would go by the ATM.  Oh well...

Catch you on the flip flop.  Going to Austin TX next week to bring our 'nother daughter to Kansas.  She has surgery on her foot and can't drive and I have nothing better to do.  The really great news is that I will get Barbara to go with me on the return trip and we'll get to spend some time in Southern Texas staying warm and taking pictures.  


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