Advice for Politicians

The problem most people running for office have is they try to say too much about too much.  For Example:

  • Mr. candidate how do you feel about Roe Vs Wade?    "Let me say that as a person, I think Abortion is not the way I want Birth Control done. Given my free will, I would not insert the Federal Government into the decision between a woman and her Doctor.  As a candidate for (insert the proper Office here)  I will completely support the laws of the United States where Roe Vs Wade is the current Law of the Land."
  • What do you think about President Obama's Appointments to the US Supreme Court?    "I will appoint people that will clearly look at the law and vote the way they interpret the Law.  I will pick the smartest person I can find to that position.  President Obama selected his candidates for the office like every President before him has.  His selections should have been no surprise to anyone who was paying attention."
  • Here is one that I no longer have to answer.  This is what I said years ago.  What do you think about Gays in the Military?  "I personally have served with a gay in the Military.  He was one of the most hard working soldiers I knew.  He was discharged from the Army and did not go to Vietnam with the rest of my unit.  Most of the young soldiers today went to school and worked with gays and I feel confident that they are a lot more understanding than my generation was.  With that said, the decision about gays in the Military is made at levels much higher than mine and I will continue to obey the orders of those appointed over me." 
The point here is to make sure that candidates know that they need to have an opinion about something or go back to their commercial.  making stuff up is what gets Rick Perry in trouble.  Newt has a lot of experience in Washington and can come up with the slick answers for a lot of things.  The problem is he clearly would take money from Freddie Mac and Fannie May and then feel like he can bad mouth their activities.  I don't trust him to make the kind of decisions I want the President to make.

If asked to describe myself, my advertisement would go something like this - "I am a citizen of the finest Country in the World.  I was born in the Heartland of Kansas and given the opportunity to attend some of the finest schools.  My parents were children of the Depression and instilled in their children that an education, hard work, and positive attitude will take you as far as you can go.  There have been times that I did some stupid things with what I was given but I worked hard to make my career in the Military the best I could. The end result is standing before you today.   I believe that your family is the best gift you can ever be given and have tried to be there for my wife and son.  No one can ever believe in the same things as everyone else does.  What I hope to do is to serve in the office of (_______) and to do the best I can do. 
I think I have clearly demonstrated the art of leadership in my life and I will appoint the best people I can find for any position I can.  I will listen to the advice of others and do my best to find a consensus of those around me.  In the bottom line, I will do my best and be accountable for the results."

Sounds way too easy but that's the way I would roll that ball.


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