We missed the snow by a couple of hundred miles to the north and I for one am not one bit disappointed.  As a matter of fact, a small snow squall also went south of us earlier and it didn't make me mad either.  We had a nice rain a week or so back and that's good enough for me.

The Jay Hawks hired a new football coach and by his record appears to be a ping pong ball kind of guy that has bounced all over the place.  He seems to have a good record one year and then a crappy one the next.  His Notre Dame team lost to one of the Academy teams for the first time in 40 some years and then went to a bowl the next. (or last, I forget)   Oh well, on with the basketball season and Ohio State on Saturday.

Yesterday, I baked some chicken breasts and was all set for some great chicken and noodles for supper.  It was filling but not as good as I expected.   Either I am losing my touch as a cook or my taste as a consumer of good food.  For the sauce I took some of the garlic butter drippings from the pan and made a gravy.  It tasted great when I made it but lost something on the noodles. Oh well, I didn't go away hungry or mad.  I also didn't win the lottery this week but I did remember to get the trash cans out yesterday.  

What's it like for you when you get in a rut?  I'm sure the rut I'm in is of my own making and a lot of people would love to be in such a good place.  It just seems to be kind of blah right now and I need to find my muse to do better.  At least I am not overcome with sadness or anything like that.  Yesterday's Facebook was just covered with people overcome with sadness.  Not sure why, it just was.

The race for the GOP nominee for POTUS has heated up to a walk (as opposed to a race) between Mitt and Newt.  Do you suppose these guys have decided to throw the election because they fear worse things for the economy?  At least the President showed "Hopey" Change in Osawatomie last week.  Or at least his speech writers did.  Near as I could tell the teleprompter worked and he managed to stay on message.  I guess when only a small percentage of people really care to get out and vote, he is as good as we can expect.  At least we are not being forced to listen to an ultra conservative's message this year.  

Oh well, enough of this, moving on even if it is not smartly.


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  1. Mud, remember "Some days are diamonds, some days are stones."
    Especially when you are retired!
    Today was a diamond as I actually climed out of the recliner, and got something done...wish everyday was like that.