May Day?

There is snow warnings from Denver to Minneapolis tonight.  They expect the snow to cause up to one hour delays in Denver and I'll bet I-70 will close soon.   We will have a good freeze here in Topeka tonight.  Then it will be 70 by Saturday.  (or so they say)  Our Drought has also turned into floods from Fargo to St Louis.  Go Figure it out.

I figured it was time to mow the grass.  The neighbors have mowed twice so I fired up the mower.  When I got to Dave's to get the new mower out of the shed, I found that it had a flat tire and a dead battery.  I made a quick trip home to get a jumper battery and the air compressor and got everything at least started.  I mowed Dave's place and brought that mower here to mow.  About the second pass in the field, the drive belt for the blades broke and I had to make an emergency trip to Lowe's.  A drive belt, an air filter, an oil filter and oil cost $83.00.  My mower is a 06 model and the belt replacement chart only went back to 07.  Thankfully the lady in the mower section went up on line and had me fixed up in not time.  

As soon as I get this blog finished, I am going out to work on the guttering on the house.  Barb thinks a part of the problems we are having with cracks in the walls is due to the water not getting away from the foundation.  I am doing my best to dispel that notion by fixing any guttering problems.  The next step is to either figure out a place to dig up dirt or get a load hauled in.  The grade is just wrong in some parts around the house.  After 20+ years I guess our dirt is like a lot of things here - sagging. 

Today the garage is my target after the guttering is looked after.  I have more crap than I have organization.  The other day I needed a cotter pin and looked all over for that little plastic container I bought last year.  I used a piece of wire in the mean time and the next time I went to the tool box there it was right in the top front in plain sight.  Last night I needed my electric drill to fix the end cap of the sun screen and looked high and low.  As I finally put the screw driver in the tool box, I walked past the bikes.  There hanging from the holster draped on the bile was the drill.  CRAP, I hate it when that happens.  Oh well.

I am still working on a good way to make a simple side dish of hash brown potatoes.  I tried to microwave the potato and then shred them and fry them.  I was close but I got them too thick and they were crunchy on the outside but too creamy in the middle.  I will try to do it again tomorrow with about 1/4 inch of potatoes.  Might even microwave a potato and put in in the fridge tonight for tomorrow. 

Better get climbing, the ladder awaits for no man.  Is that a mixed metaphor?



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