Bikn' After breakfast

When I finish this blog, I am going to go out and load the bikes for a ride at the lake.  Normally all I have to do is add the rack to the hitch and then load the bikes.  When I have pulled the trailer, I have to completely change the trailer hitch and put on the bike hitch from the car up.  It takes a few minutes longer but it is well worth not having to unload the truck so I can take the bikes.  It rained last night so everything in the bed of the truck had to go ion the cab.  Mostly it is nails and tools but it would take about 15 minutes more to unload and then I would have to re-load the stuff if I go to work on the rental house today.

This past weekend we had a family reunion and I have a cousin Kathy that attended.  Her daughter's significant other is Dr. Erica Chenoweth and today I looked up her blog on line.  I am really looking forward to meeting her in July in Colorado.  I have only a Masters Degree in Conflict Management (as in Combat) and she has a Doctorate in why people have conflict not use peaceful methods to change the political state of their Nation.  I hope she is willing to sit down to discuss her side as I am pretty sure that we are not as far apart as it might seem on the surface.  I will admit that my focus has been on how, not why we fight.  I assure you and her that we don't either one think war is the best way to make change.  I think it is a horrible way to change and I am looking forward to making a Political change at our next election.  The fact that we can change without bullets and bayonets is to me a good thing.  Few of the soldiers I know want to participate in the non peaceful change of Governments and especially not here in our home country.

This blog should bring the count to just over 140,000 visitors.  I have been kind of busy and need to stay engaged in writing to keep the numbers up.  I know I hate to visit a site that has not been updated in a while and am always pleased to find new blogs to read. 

Seems like the past couple of weeks I was so involved in things that I did not feel able to step back and take a deep breath.  I am going to stay engaged but at a slightly slower pace.  I am going to see if I can find a company that will reroof the big yellow house and I am going to paint it another color than yellow.  It has been a mustard yellow for at least 15 years and it is time for a change.  No, I don't have a clue what color I am going to paint it other than yellow.   A window on the north side of that house was in real bad shape and by the time I dug down through the siding to get to the window, it is pretty evident that I need to re-side at least that side of the house.

Every time I get involved in a major project, I manage to injure myself with a power tool.  It is always when I get in a hurry and try to manipulate the tool is an inappropriate manner.  Yesterday I managed to knick a knuckle with the power saw as I free handed a piece of trim.  Had I placed it flat on the saw table and done it properly I would have avoided the minor knuckle knick.  Oh well, I had one of my improvised bandages to cover the wound until I could get home and properly bandage the injury.  I did lack the proper wrapping of masking tape to keep from bleeding on the window project.  By the time I cut off the sleeve of a T-Shirt I was able to improvise a field dressing to get at least that part of the job done.

Oh well, better move on smartly and go for a ride.  It is after 9 AM and above 70 degrees.  Hope the goose poop on the sidewalk is dry soon. The recumbent bikes don't have fenders.


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