Majic Dirt/Rock

In the early 70s, we purchased a house in Lansing Kansas.  We had a wonderful view of the Kansas State men's Prison from the living room. The prison was about three miles away and on the end of the road.  The builder had thrown three houses together and didn't really do the landscape.  After a couple of years, the yard really needed a new planting of grass and lots and lots of fill dirt.  When I started the re-do of the yard, the neighbor's wife got a wild hair and she started to do their yard.  Mid week, the neighbor had a dump truck load of dirt brought in and it was beautiful.  They filled the gulley's and the yard looked great.  On thee weekend there was one of those Kansas gulley washers and all that dirt just disappeared.  I called it magic dirt and the neighbor wasn't any too happy.  A lot of t washed down the yard and into the ditch.  I had the prettiest ditch in town.  He had also seeded and fertilized the yard.  I on the other hand hired one of the local farmers to come in and till the entire yard with a tractor.  Ina couple of weeks my yard looked great except for the cow hoof prints when they came to visit one night.  It had just rained and the ground was so soft that there were 6 inch circles everywhere.  The grass filled it in but you couldn't play croquet out there.

That leads me to yesterday's torrential rains here in Topeka.  I have a couple of rental houses and the two to 3 inch rains washed out all the driveway work I did a week or so back.  I am going to go over with the tractor here in a little while to see what I can salvage.  It was about $500 worth of good AB3 unwashed gravel that if we had just had a couple of light rains would have set up like concrete.  No such luck.  In fact I even tried to build a water bump like a speed bump to get the water to run out in the yard but there was so much rain that it just went around that bump and washed out a lot of rock. 

Oh well, I did plan on spending most of today working on the outside so this is my chance.  I won't run but I will walk fast.  BYE.


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