Family Reunion

In a lot of families, there is a tradition of meeting on a regular basis often called Family Reunions.  This past weekend we had one of those and man is it a lot like work to get together three days in a row.  I heard someone say they were tired of eating.  Our meetings were centered around meals and conversations.

One thing that makes today's reunions really different is the proliferation of digital photographs that makes the daily visits almost instantaneous on line.  It was a wait and see in the past and even then you had to almost hold another reunion to see all the pictures. 
Julia and Emily are two of my favorite people. 

Warren and Owen discussing life from almost a 70 year gap

If there was ever any doubt about the future of the family, the smiles of the children brought that worry to a halt.  The games might have changed a little but the laughter didn't. 

I have self designated myself as the liaison officer from the eastern chapter of the family to the western chapter.  They are going to have a reunion in Denver the last weekend in July.  We are planning a vacation for the two weeks following that and we are headed west.  I hope to be able to post pictures of Yellowstone then.


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