Rainy Monday

Funny how it seems that Monday is a lot more like any other day now that I don't have to get up and go to work.  Had a nice Father's Day yesterday.  Barb bought me a nice Nikon Cool Pix camera.  Dave bought me keys for all my toys.  The other day I lost them and had to improvise.  The good news is that the Troy Built riding mower was happy to take another key and work anyway.  I had duplicates for the others.  As soon as I collected the new keys I found the old set.  I had dropped them on top of the old recycle containers in the garage and they were right there on the ground.  Oh well.

The really nice thing about the Nikon Cameras is that the technology has gotten better but a lot of the way things work has not changed.  The simple stuff from the Nikon D-70 is the way the new Cool Pix works.  The biggest change is the zoom lens on the Cool Pix goes up to X44 and there is not the need to carry a bunch of extra lenses.  I will give it a full work out on our trip to Yellowstone. I am sure that the fact the zoom lens is not very noticeable will make it the perfect surreptitious camera for family gatherings.  Barb's Zoom lens was pretty big and she stood out with that big camera with a zoom lens.  There was also the problem with the old zoom lens that she would in a lot of cases have to back up to be able to use it.  With the Cool Pix that problem won't happen. The old D-70 got dropped with the zoom lens on it and it pulled the screws out of the lens adaptor ring and I no longer trust it

Today I am going to patch cracks.  I am going to do an experiment and do some the old fashion way and use plaster patch mud and then I'll do some with painters putty.  We'll see what the short and long term results will be.  With the soil here in Kansas, the clay expands and contracts so much that it is fairly normal for most houses will develop some stress cracks.  I think the best way to stop the cracks is to control the flow of water away from the house.  That entails keeping the gutters clean and hooked up properly. 

Today I noticed that I have had over 130,000 visitors to this blog.  Not sure what that means but that sure is a lot.  I know that I do try to post every day but there are times that I just don't get around to it.  The shed building period just kept me so worn out that I didn't do nearly as well posting. 

Speaking of busy, I had better get cranking if I want to get anything else done today.

Barbara sent a Father's Day gift to her Dad last week.  They promised it would be delivered of Friday and today it was tracked leaving Boise enroute to Twin Falls.  That means Wednesday probably.  Then if and only if the post office in Filer remembers to put a notice that it is there.  Just shows you that you can't trust the NSA, the CIA, the USPS and the IRS. 



  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

    You could use the new camera to take pictures of the shed you built so we can see what you have been up to.

  2. Pictures are in the blog dated today. I put them on Facebook in early June and forgot to put them in the blog.