Mother's Day Shed for Barbara

This is what Dave and I built for the Master Gardener to store all her garden stuff in.

Now who wouldn't want to spend the rest of their days in a shed in the shade at Rabbit Run?
PS, this was taken with the new NIKON Cool Pix Camera I got for Father's Day.  When I went to check on the picture I took in early June on the D70 camera, the dang thing was dead.  


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    It is much larger than I expected. Very nicely done Mud.
    I'm sure she'll spend many pleasant hours there.

  2. The shed is a 10X 12 highboy so it has lots of room to stand up in. Next time I would build a regular height shed. The extended rafter system took a lot of time and was tough to do without lots and lots of help. I am not sure but I think I would build the roof on the ground first and put the whole thing on top if I had it ro do again.