Rainy Day in the Heartland

Did you ever spend several hours getting ready to do a project the next day and wake up to find that activity rained out? Well, that's my fate today.  I took the trailer full of wood to the dump so I could remove the siding on one of my rental houses and today the rain will keep me off the streets and out of trouble.  It was interesting that when I removed a little of the siding on the house, I found that there is wood siding underneath.  I am not sure what I am going to do now.  I will remove the old stuff and look at the condition of the even older wood stuff.  If there is a way I can remove the bad stuff and save the old stuff I will do that.  Time and a little less rain will tell.  I might just change the siding where it needs changed and paint it all one color.

Last year, I only mowed three or four times all year.  We have had about an inch of rain a week so far this year and I have mowed more so far than all of last year.  I need to get a new carburetor for the pull behind mower.  Sounds like a good rainy day project.  There is a lawnmower company on north Kansas that may just have what I need.  The had the new gas tank last year. 

I think most of the family is in the recovery mode after the family gathering this weekend.  It was really great to see everyone and swap stories.  I am hoping that the reunion in Denver in July is as much fun.  We are going to try to be there and see the long lost cousins from the mountains.  One of my cousins, Kathy, didn't realize that I was Facebook friends with her children.  She said she was not good at Facebook so I sat her down and gave her a lesson.  If she uses what she knows a few time she will be right in the connectivity we all enjoy.  I even invited her to the Family site we all use to swap pictures.

Did I mention that my Dad's younger brother and his wife was at our family gathering?  He will celebrate his 90th birthday next month and that's what that Denver gathering is all about.  Warren was a Bomber pilot in WWII.  I think my Dad wanted to be a pilot but he had a family and by the time he got drafted they just didn't need him to fly.  They used the hell out of his ability to fix planes in the Navy.  I hope that when and if I get to be 90 I will be nearly as sharp as uncle Warren.  He won't confront stupid ideas directly but he does have ways to zing you if you show off your butt.  He is also a good source of the names of the family that most of the kids today don't know. 

Oh well, better get rolling and see if there is a carb to be found for the mower. 


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