Lost Track of a Week?

This week I rushed around working hard to get everything ship shape for the family reunion next weekend.   No, MUD, it is two weekends away.  Well, time to take a day off then.  I am not sure what she will want to do, but today will be a day devoted to enjoy smiles with Barb.  I think she even missed me a little this week.  Yesterday evening I was dragging at supper and then rushed out of the door to do some mowing.  She stopped me about half way around the place and reminded me that I was tired and using the most powerful tool on the place. That Allison/AGCO tractor is a pretty scary and powerful item to be running when I am tired.  See, she does care.

Speaking of the tractor, I had spent almost a half hour hooking up the finish mower the last time I used it.  I could not for the life of me get the blades to turn so I could hook up the power take off connection.  I knew there had to be a better way.  The last time, I disconnected the driveshaft from the mower and from the mower end I could hook it up by rotating the blade with my foot. (Yes, the tractor was shut off, I like my feet)  This time in frustration I just reached up and moved the splined shaft coming out of the tractor.  It was way too easy to make it align by moving the shaft and then slipping it on as I held the collar so it would attach safely. Duh Dennis....  I think it took about five minutes.  I didn't tell barb but I wanted to mow the path around the field because I knew the little tractor wouldn't mow the tall grass.  The finish mower does an excellent job but you can't play croquet on the lawn after the tractor makes tire marks.  I knew it would be muddy today after the overnight rain. 

I have three finish mowers and none of them is everything I need.  The big walk behind mower is on its last season and it requires a small garden tractor to tow it as the transmission is shot.  I spent about a hour working on it to get it to run yesterday and I have it almost running the way it should.  The Troy Built tractor is at Dave's and it is a royal pain to haul it around on the trailer.  I think I need to replace the drive belt soon also.  The finish mower is a bush hog with wheels on the front so it doesn't scalp places like a bush hog would. I mentioned the tire mark problem.  Some where in this world there just had to be a mower that meets or exceeds the need.  I guess I also have a self propelled small mower to trim with not to mention weed whackers.

The renter in our small house called me the other day and said the floor in the bathroom is in pretty bad shape and the toilet leaks even though he has put a new wax ring on it.  The floor has rotted out and he asked me to go over and have a look.  He said his job is to fix problems like that and he would be glad to fix it and take it off the rent.  Bonus dude!  Another problem solved with the use of a little money thrown at it.  The only problem I discovered when I was over there is that the siding on the front of the big yellow house is in serious need of a re-do.  I told them that week after Father's day was when I would put that on the list.  I will re-hab that and a minor leak by the back door.  I do need to replace the floor in the utility room some time this year.  I will probably have to take out the subfloor and replace the entire floor and linoleum. Oh well, that's what money is for I guess.  It can't be all income and no outgo.

Oh well, another hour shot all to hell and now it is time to get ready for a trip and lots of smiles.  It might even be fun to go over to Allen Field house and greet the returning track team as the come back to Lawrence.  The Women are the National Champions and the men placed 28th Nationally.  Another fine Kansas team does well.  I am watching the K-State men playing in the Baseball championships and they won the first game in the regional Championship. 

Better get cracking or I'll never see that wonderful smile on Barb's face.


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