Can't get Started

Yesterday was such a nice day here in the Heartland that I just worked all day outside.  This morning I don't seem to have much in the tank to get started with.  Even after three cups of coffee I just can't seem to find that spark.  You know, wake up tired and have that vague headache and tired clear to the bone.  I hate to get old and I know what really old age will be like.  Mother would have to rest up from resting up.

For mother's day, we built a garden shed for Barbara.  During that time I just let many things get way far behind.  Now I am trying to catch up and it is hard.  I had grass growing around the front fence that I'm sure that the goats couldn't eat.  I bought a new head for the weed whacker and it broke three times while it was trying to clean up the mess.   I am going to the hardware store sometime today and I need a longer bolt to make it work the way I think it should, 

Once upon a time, we would go over to my Grandmother's house in Eldorado for lunch.  She would fry a chicken, make some mashed potatoes, and then her elbow macaroni with tomato sauce.  This next weekend, I am going to try to resurrect that dish for the company we will have.  I think it is normal mac with tomatoes in a butter and sugar sauce.  I don't have her wonderful home canned tomatoes but I have had really good luck with stewed tomatoes so we'll see.  One of her side dishes was also lime Jell-O with pears.   That is so easy that anyone can do it.  Again, I wont have the her home canned pears but I'll make do. 

I am thinking about the meal we are going to have next Friday night.  In addition to Bieroaks, we will have some of the Colonel's fried chicken and pies.  My Dad spent some time during the Depression on a chicken farm and he never really liked any part of the chicken, well, he would eat fried eggs with catsup.  My mother never met a pie she didn't like.  The rest of us weren't too fond of her Sour cram and raisin pie or Minced meat pie but anything else was fare game.  (Fair game?)  Hell, I could eat pie in a park or at a circus. 

Jennifer is working on a directory of the family for our gathering.  Not everyone will be there but enough to put some information together.  She is so creative that there will be pictures and pets included.  For the first time in a long time we have no pets here at Rabbit Run unless you count the wild animals we feed. 

One of the newest members of the family posted about forgiveness on Facebook. It is an interesting subject.  In one way, hatred over some slight is a good way to give you energy to keep the juices flowing.  In another way, the person it really keeps from being a mature person is the person is unforgiving for what ever reason.  Most of the time, the offended person is the only person that notices.  A lot of time the person that committed the offense just didn't even write it down on their wall. Many years ago, I went to a summer camp and it was Co-Ed.  The sister of a friend was really a sweet kid but I had no idea she had a crush on me.  I remember that one day while swimming we talked about the campfire singing that night and she asked me if I was going to go with anyone.  I told her that I was going to ask Sheila to sit with me.  Years later I met her and she reminded me that I had really hurt her feelings that day and she had held a grudge for years.   I didn't even realize what I had done and by the time I did find out, we were both married to other people and way past any relationship. 

Oh well, another half hour shot to heck.  Better go take my pills and see if I can get my motor running.


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