There was once an old saying that life is what you make of it.  It is all mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.   My mother had a poster on the back of her bathroom door that said getting what you want isn't as important to wanting what you have.  These things are attitude and they begin and end with ourselves.

Barb and I grew up fairly poor.  We both had most of the essentials but there wasn't that trip to Disneyland as kids.  If there was anything like a vacation, it was generally a trip to Grandma's.  After a lot of hard work, we now can take that trip to Disneyland.  We didn't have a boat, a place on the lake or many of the things young kids expect these days.  Our focus was on getting everything paid for and having as little debt as possible. When we watch that First Time Home Byers program we are blown away with the expectation that their first counters be covered with marble.  We started out in an 8X38 foot trailer with linoleum on the counter top and we had to heat tape the water line of they would freeze.  But, our attitude was and is that things will get better, or not. Living for right was kinda fun but our focus was always on the future. After living on the ground in Vietnam for a year, our little bedroom was a palace.

That's not to say that I don't have moment of indecision.  There are times when I think about what if.  Most of the time my ADD keeps me from focusing on the negative too long and I get to move on to new things.  It doesn't hurt that for years I had a check from the Government for my Drills in the Guard.  Barb accepted that I brought home the paycheck and could use the Guard check for extras.  I built a 57 Chevy with that money and it went to cover things like dry cleaning of my uniforms and meals out with the family.  Barbara kept the real money focused on paying for the house and bills as rapidly as she could. 

Now, there is the matter of the Oil Royalty money Mom left us.  It is a monthly check that arrives with nothing in particular purpose.  Last month it bought a swing set for two of the cutest little girls in Kansas City.  It sure is nice to have a little walking around money now that I have the time to walk around. 

So where is this all going?  I guess it is somewhat a brag piece but it is aimed at you.  I read that if a man has only one bowl of rice a day he can be happy.  Give him two bowls of rice for a while and take one away and he will be unhappy.  How many bowls of rice does your attitude demand for your happiness?   I have all that I need, most of what I want and a Wal-Mart near by.


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