Saturday? Already?

The garden shed I built for Mother's Day is well on its way to getting organized.  I had a four foot counter with a Formica top in the garage from an earlier project and I installed it to let Barb have something to work on her plants with.  We also moved one of the large shelving units into the shed and loaded a bunch of pots from the garage.  When we got that shelving unit emptied we moved that into the shed.  Now we need to figure out what needs to move to the shed and what needs to stay in the garage.  (besides cars) 

In about a week, many members of the family are due here and I need to start the cleaning process in the house.  I'll try to do one room a day for a week instead of trying to rush it done in two days.  I also have a couple projects at the rental property that I have been putting off.  In fact I am going over this morning to see about a leaky toilet in the little house.  The couple renting the bigger house did not clean the guttering and water just filled a concrete patio and came in the utility room.  Now they are telling em that the floor feels spongy.  I attacked that problem a couple of years back but didn't inspect the gutters this spring.   I guess I will need to build a check sheet for such things.  (And build fewer sheds)

Last night we took the kids to the North Topeka Art Walk and found that there is a part of Topeka we normally don't visit.  North Kansas Ave has a lot of nice little shops and the prices were fair.  One of the buildings that is available for rentals opened their doors and had a local caterer bring in a meal for $10.00.  The caterer has in the past been a pretty darned good one but you could tell that this was a pretty rushed job and the normal fine touch was just not there.  Their ice cream with Flamb√© pineapple was pretty good but by the time I finished eating the meal I had more cream and little ice.  I did notice that the girls ate their ice cream first.  Live and learn.

The National Guard of Kansas Museum is hosting a day of honoring veterans today.  They have many re enactors  and events going on but I just don't have enough time to go there and goof off all day.  I have several items donated to the museum and they haven't been very good about marking who they are from.  One of these days I may just go out and withdraw my items. Or not.

Better shut this down and move on.  Hope you have a great day and weekend. 


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