There are some things that just won't change.  Here is just a few to think about:
  • Death.  The only option other than living is death.  I don't worry about when my life will end, only the way it does.  I am trying to live as long and well as I can.  Love, laugh and live.
  • Taxes.  Barb tells me we probably need to pay more taxes and do a better job as a society supporting the really important things in life.  I don't tell her but I do agree that there are a lot of things we could spend more on and make our life better. 
  • Transportation.  There was a time I would have put the word Cars here but as I look back, no matter what we drove, they turned into transportation and the memories of where we went are a lot more important than how we got there.
  • Clothes.  I have never been a person that spent a lot of money on what I wore except for the uniforms I wore when I was in the Guard or Regular Army.  Now I wear clothes to be warm or not to be naked.  The other day the rod holding up my clothes fell down and I hauled off a bag of clothes to the Salvation Army.  Probably need to haul off a bag or two more.  I do find that a few quality things often outlast and outwear piles of cheap clothes.  A good work shirt from Tractor Supply will last a lot longer than a fancy shirt from Macy's.
  • Shoes.  This is one area that I probably spend more on than most people do.  I do not own a lots of pairs of shoes, just a few pairs of darned good comfortable shoes and a couple pairs of boots.  Barb told me one time that if you try on a pair of shoes and they aren't comfortable from the start, don't buy them.  Good Advice. 
  • Friendship/love and Sex.  I have a world full of friends.  There are some I love and darned few that I have had sex with.   My advice to anyone out there is to think about that and remember to keep the categories clear in your mind.  I recommend you only have sex with someone that you most of all love and they should also be a friend because if you do it right, there will be a lot more friendship than love and a danged lot more love than sex. 
  • Stuff.  There is a lot of confusion about the things that are important and stuff.  I have a lot of stuff and darned few things that raise to the level of importance. By cluttering up my life with stuff, I am sure that I have lost view of what's really important.  I could probably haul off a dumpster full of stuff and be better off for it.  But that would take time and that leads me to the next topic.
  • Time.  I wish I had a better understanding of time.  There are a lot of times I want time to go fast and get to move on to more important places and times.  Then when I look back, I wish I had more time to do things the way I wanted to do them.  I have spent 66 years wishing I had time go by faster and now I want it to slow the hell down.  Oh well.
  • Houses.  I grew up poor and there were a lot of mornings that I woke up with frost on the inside of the window near my bed.  As I remember it, the only carpet we ever had in our house was the one I scrounged up as a young teenager and the neighbors got a new carpet in their living room.  As I have progressed through life, I have had a series of bigger and better houses until now Barb and I have about 1500 sq. feet each and neither one of us are in love with keeping that much space clean.  If I had any less, where would I put all that stuff I have spent a lifetime accumulating.
  • Reading.  I spent a lifetime in the Military reading and writing things and I thought just how nice it would be to retire and forget about that.  Here I sit at the keyboard wishing my vision was better so I could read more.  Danged Disgusting that we need to grow old and take naps. What's next, diapers?  Depends...

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