Way Too Busy

You would think that a semi-retired person would never have a scheduling conflict.  Well, I guess it is just not my schedule that compounds the problem.  The month of December is a train wreck of Family gatherings, graduation and Barbershop sing outs.  In the past we would have a family gathering on the Saturday prior to Christmas so everyone would have a chance to spend the actual Christmas Day with their nuclear family.  A lot of this was because Barb and I would travel to California to see her family.  Now, we are spread out over the United States and it is such a complete disaster to not book your tickets weeks in advance.  Throw in to that mix the graduation of one of our favorite daughters, Rebecca Petty, and it gets convoluted.  I know there will be a significant part of the family that will be in Arkansas for that event.  Oh well, I started the discussion and I will make do with whatever everyone works out. 

Now that I have that petty gripe out of the way, I'll move on to my next gripe.  I have been getting very forgetful in my "old" age and find that I have a bunch of passwords stuck on sticky notes here on my computer desk.  Even then, I find myself using the wrong one on a regular basis.  I hope Barb knows that her passwords are safe as I can't remember mine. Being here in the security of my own home I don't worry much about a hacker getting into my system.  Besides, there is not much there.  If you want to read my Blog, the only passwords you have to have are those on your system.  If anyone out there wants to write a guest blog, send me an e-mail and I'll include your stuff.

Today I saw a few minutes of CNN and there is a new thing being introduced by the Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.  He wants to streamline the process of appointing Federal Judges.  The Republican Minority leader asked to follow the presentation and said that this is just another democratic move to create a diversion when one of their failures are about to consume the Media.  I did agree with Harry when he asked, "Does anyone think the Senate is working?"  He should have to write those words on a blackboard in front of the Senate 100 times each day.   I would throw out all incumbents this next election and see if they get the message.  The new demand should be, "Make it work or go home."
Everyone is wandering around Washington telling us that Sequestration will just break us.  They voted to build a program to fix the fact they can't understand the problem of building a budget and then sticking with it.  Pretty simple to me.  Outgo must be equal or less than income.  Throw in the need to pay at least 5% of the debt each year and then in 10 or 20 years we might get it right.

Today I read that the Military is considering closing the commissaries across the board.  Having shopped at both the local stores and the commissary, this sounds like a pretty good idea.  Most of the commissaries are great locations for a COSCO.  I would invite Wal-Mart in to see if they could make it better.  They would need a Military item store but I'm sure that it can be done in a good way.  At Fort Irwin in the 60's, it was 35 miles to  town and we needed a commissary but I am sure that there are grocery store chains that would salivate at the idea of having a chance to get into that market.  One trip to HiVee and the people on our bases would just fall in love with the better products and service.

Oh well, better get on with my day.  I saw that Barb finished her last Library book last night so at least there will be a trip there today sometime.


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