Memories, Sweet Memories

Where do your memories of your younger years take you?  Like the time I spent there, a lot of my memories of the early days center around Minneha.  I attended classes at Minneha from Kindergarten to the 9th grade.  Like a lot of the boys that were Baby Boomers, we grew up to like a lot of girls but didn't know what to do about it.  I am sure that I had a lot of crushes on the girls I went to school with.  As I look back, I am glad that I grew up in a more simple time where just holding hands and getting a smile was enough.  I can't imagine what it would have been back then if we had the explicit movies and videos of today.

In my mind, I was a rough and tumble guy.  In my mind's eye I could out cuss, out fight and damn sure out run most of the guys I went to school with.  This is probably not the reality but what did I know.  The one thing I did know, was that there was a world full of girls to have fantasies about.  Like I said, I didn't know what I wanted from them but I sure wanted to find out.

Today as I sit here and look back, I am glad I wound up where I did.  I have spent 2/3rds of my life with the most stable influence anyone would have wanted for their life.  Thank you Barbara.

My Dear feeding my deer

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