The Time After

After working outside three days on Dave's porch, it sure was nice to have a day off.  I think I have pretty much recovered and am well rested.  Meds and a cuppa coffee work wonders.

For those that are no KU Fans, you can skip the next couple of paragraphs.  Last night it was very plain that the hawks have a heck of a lot more than 8 players that round out a squad.  The beauty is that it pretty much appears that subs can be made without completely stopping the momentum.  Such a dilemma for Bill Self.  Last night I saw why the kid Conner Frankincamp is in there.  The announcer told us that during his high school career in Wichita he scored more points than Perry Ellis. 

In addition to some darned good shooters, some great playmakers, the hawks have a couple of big men that bring their lunch pail and play. The kid, Black from Memphis is great and Traylor is pretty darned tough.  The announcers said last night that some of the early talk is that there may be three players on the Hawks that could go in the first round of the NBA Draft next year.  I am almost afraid of what is going to be the reload next year. 

Now back to the real world.    The Barbershop Chorus will make an appearance at the Great Overland Station on Veteran's Day.  It is always a treat to sing the national Anthem and we'll end with America the Beautiful.  I just hope the sound in the great room at the Overland Station can ring like I think it will.  I want the Chorus to sing in the Rotunda of the Capital.  We have a rendition of Home on the Range that should just blow their doors off. I know the sound in the rotunda just rings. 

A couple of weeks back, Barbara was given a gift card for the Salty Iguana in Lawrence.   We have been promising Dave and ourselves a trip there for a week or so.  I am hoping that lunch will include a trip there today.  We had talked about it last nigh but we had some great roast beef and BBQ sauce that just called out our name.  With the hawks playing a home game in Lawrence last night, it would have been a mad house there. 

In honor of Dave's wife's birthday we had a rice crispy cake.  The only bad part was that she is on a boat in the Caribbean with 12 friends and not here.  I just knocks me out how much we have in common and how she and I seem to like the same food and share the same jokes.  I say it is way cool that Dave has a wife and mother that loves him and they like each other.  For years, my wife Barbara would go shopping and come home with clothes for others.  Now she has Barb to take with her and I won't get more clothes to fill my closet. 

Last week when Barbara finished the laundry, I brought an armload of stuff to hang up in the closet. It caused the clothes rod to let loose.  Plain that I just had way too many clothes hanging there.  I grabbed an armload of the shirts and put them on the rod on the other side of the closet.  It was just enough to knock that rod down also.  I spent almost $50.00 on new brackets and end keepers.  I seriously found studs with some 16 penny nails and it should last another 20 years, if I remember to recycle some of the stuff to the Salvation Army.  When I put the rod back up, I found that I have 13 pairs of jeans.  Throw in almost the same number of sweatshirts and you a have a disaster building.

Well, I'd better get my act together.


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