Memories and Hopes for the Future

I am not sure when it hits you, but there is always a few moments every day that I start to think about the past and I am sure there is a smile on my face when I do.  Perhaps because of the years I served as a Colonel in the Army, I don't smile as much on the outside as I do in my heart.  Throw in a little kid or two and I smile all over. 

Yesterday we went to the Gingerbread House Display at the Topeka Performing Arts Center and I got to see a lot of little kids doing fun things.  I sure wish we had figured out who's kid we could have kidnapped for the event.  I know Barb would have loved to help a child make a "Gingerbread House" out of graham crackers, icing and candy.  It was a 70 degree day but the wind whipped quite a few of those little houses on the trip to the car to go home.

This morning I re-read the Obituary of George Parker and remembered some of the fun times and funny things he said.  I am considering going to the family viewing this afternoon to see if there is anyone that wants to share in the George stories.  I know he would not want people to be sad but smile at having had the time to share him with each other.  I hope his son, Brent will be there and catch me up on what the Army has him doing now.  Having a son that is a great soldier is something that George would smile about.

I never think about the past without a few thoughts of my mother.  Having her gone is like reading a book that somehow one of the main characters is missing.  The things she influenced, the smiles she caused and the love she shared just comes flooding back.  My Dad doesn't inspire me like Mom did.

Mom with Mel at Mel's wedding shower.  Mom looked so lovely in that Red dress

There is something in me that makes me want to buy Lottery Tickets.  A winning ticket probably wouldn't change much for me.  Perhaps I would build (or have built) a slightly bigger barn to house Barb's greenhouse and a shop to work on cars.  I have always thought that I would have a studio one day that I could put those big Chart Packs of paper around the room and draft out the book I want to write.  Being a very visual person, I would love to make the outline and follow it.  The creative part of my time in the Guard is one that I will build on someday.  This blog is a part of that exercise and I do write it for me even if a few of you seem to enjoy it. At least 170,000 of you keep coming back or just a few of you come here a lot.

Today someone asked what is my favorite time of the year?   After a winter of snow and brown's, I always love the promise of spring.  Little green things start out just as the days start getting longer and it soon turns into summer.  If fall didn't turn into winter, I might love it the best but the change to the good of spring just makes my day.  The taste of good BBQ food doesn't hurt my feelings either. I don't want to sound racist here, but how come some of my most favorite things have been stereotyped into things black people like?   I love pork chops, greens and watermelon.  Back in the day a frosty mug of beer with that meal and I just was one happy camper.  I grew up eating cornbread and think a big pot of beans, ham hocks and cornbread is about the best.  For me, a little bottle of hot sauce should always be on the table.

I don't have a clue where the future is going to lead me, but I am pretty sure that it will involve change.  The people places and things in my life will evolve into a few thoughts of the past and new day dreams for the future.  My son Dave says, not my circus, not my monkeys.   For me, the whole world is a circus and I love to see what the monkeys will do next.

Ringmaster Extraordinaire  

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