What was Your favorite Christmas?

I seem to have a mind full of favorite Christmases. I hate to pick just one and really want to remember pieces of many.  I first want to point out that my best present of all is that Barb is so fond of Christmas and she just makes me drag out the ornaments and decorate.  I forget the joyous nature of the holiday and it is her love and caring that has made my life better for it. Here are just a few snippets of some of the best Christmas memories:

  • The first Christmas after getting married I was in Vietnam so it isn't very high on the list but, I do remember the flask of Scotch my sister Myrna sent and the Christmas cease fire that let me drink it.
  • The first Christmas hope with Barbara will always be special. Even if we did freeze out butts off in the 8X38 foot trailer.  We had our love to keep us warm.
  • The thing I remember the best is all the times we have had family to celebrate Christmas with.  All by myself I probably would not celebrate it very well. 
  • One Christmas, I went out caroling with the choir group from East High.  That is almost as good as singing at the nursing homes with the Barbershop Chorus here in Topeka.  I just love the music of Christmas.
  • I have always loved seeing the joy of Christmas in my son's face as he opened his presents.  The good news is that he let me play with some of his toys, especially the Legos. 
  • The year that Barbara let me buy my own present and then demanded that I open it in rotation as everyone else opened one.  Instead of just the recorder I bought, there was the keys and the title for a 57 Chevy.  Spent a couple of years getting it ready to drive.  It is in the garage.
  • The first time that Barbara had me move the dinning room table out of the dinning room and picked out a tree that filled that space.  She has a wonderful eye for beauty and decoration me, not so much.
I think I will simply try to celebrate Christmas this year with a little more joy and watch the wonder in the face of people as they give and get love from their family. 



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