Feeling Old

There were a lot of times that I worked hard and felt tired at the end of the day.  Yesterday I worked but not as hard and felt completely worn out at day's end.  I guess I will one of these days have to admit that I am getting old(er).  After a quick 66 years, you might think that I could still give 'er the gun for 8 hours.  Not so much.

I went up to Dave's and we finished the trim and put on a coat of paint on the porch cover.  Barb came along and cleaned up the flower beds and her work made it shine.  I sure hope that Dave's wife Barbara is as pleased with the work as we are.    She has been on a cruise with her friend Mel and 12 of Mel's friends.  If she is anything like me, she is ready to get home and spend the night in her own bed. 

I read a funny story in today's paper.  I guess a hunter put up a corn feeder and a trail camera.  The local cows found the feeder and trampled the life out of it and ate $40.00 worth of corn when they figured out what was in it.  The local farmer saved his trail camera from the feeding frenzy and he had a lot of funny pictures of "Cow's gone wild."  The article ended with a story about some turkey hunters.  There was this large male turkey that would strut out into a herd of cows and elude the hunters.  The hunters decided to find a cow hide and slip out in the middle of the herd to trick that turkey.  Sure enough the turkey flew down in to the herd and strutted near.  About that time, the rear most person under the skin told the other guy that here comes the bull.  "What should we do?"  The guy in front said "I'm going to put my head down and pretend to eat grass.  Brace yourself!" 

With all that said, I think I will take a bucket of corn down and fetch the SD card out of the Trail Cam.

Look at the date on this.  I got the month and day right but somehow changed the year.


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