Christmas Shopping

Things here at Rabbit run got a little boring yesterday afternoon and Barbara decided to go shopping.  She loves to shop around and see what's out there.  Being a guy, I go to buy not shop.  That's why I get left home a lot on these kinds of excursions.  When she got home, she spread out the loot on the living room table.  She bought a neat selection of toys that would brighten the days of most kids.  A lot of them are hands on, do something toys and heck, I even wanted to play with them.  I'm not sure who will get these wonderful toys, but I will resist opening the packages and playing with them.

As a kid, my mother would sit us down around Thanksgiving and let us pick out what we wanted for Christmas.  I don't remember being directed the direction of clothes or stuff like that.  Most of the items came out of the Sear's catalog.  Mom would buy our Christmas presents from there and then pay it off during the next year a little each month.  I think it is kind of funny that my aunt said the reason my Dad's mother loved my mother was she would buy things that for grandma that wanted not needed.  Then, Grandma would always get us underwear or PJ's for Christmas.  Must be something about having lived through the depression.

The animals here at Rabbit Run seem to be eating everything I put out about as fast as I get it to them.  As cold as it is today I can't say I blame them much.  The nice thing is that there are some of the nicest looking deer this year.  Most of them look fat and healthy.  I haven't see the turkey's as much this year but the camera has captured them a few times.  I guess I need to spread some corn out on the ground.  The big feeding bunk might just be too tall for them to see inside.   I also notice that the new trail Cam just doesn't do a good job at night.  The coons show up a little but mostly the reflection of their eyes and you can't see their bodies. 

I am convinced that the media is on co-hoots with the administration.  Instead of the things that are important, the focus has been on the Kennedy Assignation and the weather.  I am pretty sure that one was 50 years ago and the other happens every year.  When was the last time you heard about the sequestration cuts that are going to kick in soon.  Instead of having the guts to make a budget and live with it, the congress formed a committee that set in motion a way to bring our spending back into line. Let there be no doubt that the congress will tamper with the sequestration to favor those special projects that make them money and gets them votes.  Simply put, every program needs to cut about 3% a year until the things fall in line.  Gradual cuts are a way to help the organizations tighten their belts a little at a time and not cut things off without time to adjust.  I would also only raise taxes to pay off the national debt.  Any new dollar must go to that cause so the debt can be paid for by the people who made it.  I sure as hell would hate for our debts to be on the backs of only our children.  I know that it is heresy to say that the Social Security should be taxed, but if you have other income, it should be.  The only project that I would spend more on would be to support programs that build job and education. 

Today the paper had an article about low graduation rates.  People ask why?  I will tell you that going to school is work and if there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of that tunnel, why bother?  It is interesting to me that people don't understand the real value of a job and money.  If you only make $10.00 an hour, your annual pay is only about $20,000.  Unless you have government support for food and medicine, good luck on living on that unless you have two wage earners.  Any organization that pays a CEO Millions of dollars and doesn't pay a living wage just isn't doing it right. 

Oh well, beginning to sound like a damned socialist. 


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