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After writing yesterday's post, even I didn't give a rat's rear end where I had been in my life.  I kept wanting to go back and add every place I had been and it really dawned on me that probably the most important part of my life was if I was accompanied or unaccompanied.  Like as in BB (Before Barbara) or AB (After Barb).  Other than the first year of our Marriage we have pretty much have traveled Hand in Hand.  The US Army sent me to Vietnam and they just wouldn't let me take her along.  They did arrange for us to meet in Hawaii on R&R, but they didn't pay for her part of the trip.

Today I want to say that I am getting pretty tired of the 50th Anniversary of the JFK assignation. I remember that I was not a fan of Kennedy for many reasons and was just blown away with the dirty campaign that painted Barry Goldwater as the guy that would blow up the world. If you were alive during the Cuban Missile Crisis, you can remember that we were so close to being blown up that it wasn't funny. I remember that November day in 1963 as the day there was a fight in the hall at East High.  We were waiting in the hall for the Drafting class room to open and someone came by and said that Kennedy had been shot while on a trip to Dallas.  One of the guys said "Good." and a couple of other guys tried to fight him.  I did step in and broke up the fight even though I wanted to join in. 

There was an announcement over the intercom and they cancelled school that day and we were told to listen to the radio for more details.  As it turned out, we were off for the biggest part of that week and it was like a holiday to us.  Several of my friends loved to play football and we played several hours those days.  We sure as hell didn't sit around and cry over it.  I wonder how many of the businesses would shut down today and stay shut.  They don't even shut down on Thanksgiving day now. 

The other topic is the Affordable Health Care Act   Just how much would this have cost us if the Government had just told the Insurance Companies that they needed to up their coverage and lower their deductible amounts?   Does anyone have any idea what this abortion done with a hand Axe has cost us?  Someone wrote that the implementation so far has cost us more millions than the number of people covered.  How much longer are we going to support a Congress that tries to spend more money than they take in at every turn?  The latest is that Obama blinked and perhaps we will have a delay that will put this foray into Federal Heavy Handed Insurance to rest. 

I really would have loved to see that anything the Congress does applies to everyone from the private sector to the President.  Do you know that several States are exempt to buy the vote of their Democratic Congressmen?  I really don't care that the Amish are exempt, they don't have electricity and it is like the religious fundamentalists hijacked them like in the Muslim world is trying to do to their people.

Oh well, moving on. 


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