Female Military Vets

I am probably one of the last Dinosaurs that served in the Military when females were the exception rather than the norm.  There were many times that a guy could just strip off his clothes and wash where he needed without the chance of embarrassing himself of someone else.  In most of the rear areas in Vietnam, there were 155mm howitzer powder canisters half buried in the ground as relief stations.  There weren't many women in the forward areas where I was in the 60's. 

That lasted until in the 70's when women started being assigned to some of the combat jobs but restricted to the higher Headquarters.  There was a smattering of women in the clerical jobs like a Personnel Action Center but those jobs were very limited in the rank the female soldiers could reach.

I can remember the first time that it was important to have porta potties for our units in the field.  The relocation of them was or became a full time job because you could never tell when or where you would need them.  But with that said, those are just the details, not the real reason it is important to have females in the Military.

Let no one forget that the Military has a brutal job.  We are by our very job description paid to meet and greet the enemy on a battlefield and neutralize their abilities.  This in many cases has led to a climate of brutal soldiers and Marines.  Females help keep the climate in units stay professional.  I find it a little inappropriate to swear as much and am always amazed that women can do most of the jobs men do. 

I am not sure where this is going but I do want to thank SGM Harrison for all her hard work to set a high standard.   There are so many others, Sallie, Becky, Robby that have served with me and helped us all be a success.  There is also Chris that helped put a smile on my face in in my heart.  

My wish is that on the 11th Hour of the 11th day of the 11th Month you think about all the people that have served.  Don't overlook the female members as they too served.    OK, I think there are a heck of a lot of spouses that worked hard as we were away from our homes.  I give them a shout out also.   Crap, how can I do justice to this and not to say thanks to the female civilian staff members that made our jobs possible. 


COL, USA (Ret)

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