Just How Stupid Can We Be?

Now that we have Obama Care as the law of the Land, just how stupid could we have been to have believed a word of what we were told? You can keep your insurance or the new plan will save you about $2,500.  The whole reason this Ponzi scheme would have worked was if the young (read-Healthy) people signed up rather than pay a penalty.  There also had to be a lot of the old plans that were not coverage enough to cover everyone.  Now there is talk that the President is trying to get Congress to modify the bill to pay a part of the premium so individuals won't have to pay tons more.

What part of it is that no one seems to understand about the budget?  We are spending at least a Trillion Dollars more than we are taking in and we already owe about  five years of our income to the National Debt.   Just how far will we continue to push the limits until our system falls apart?   We are in the standards of Dave Ramsey and Dennis Petty, Broke! 

Just for one election, I would say we should not re-elect anyone and see if they just might get the message.


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