Blog Problems

If strange things happen when you open this blog, do not act surprised.  I have no understanding of the reasons they are happening but they are.  For a while yesterday, there was no blog available.  When I notified BlogSpot that I had no one visit according to the system counter, they did something.  Later on, I tried to write and I did not have that ability.  My only concern is that there are near 2500 blogs out there that I do not have a backup for.  A lot of them, I don't care about but the war stories I would love to have a back up on. 

Barb and I got to visit with my niece and her new spouse for lunch the other day and today we are going to KC to make cookies with Jenn and Julia. Julia's girls will get ho help me decorate cookies.  I will have a smile a face wide at the end of the day.  Yes, Barbara had promised that she will take pictures.

Yesterday, I went out to work on cutting down a tree where the shed will be built.  To help haul off the downed logs, I had to work on the tractor.    I spent more time on the tractor than I did on the tree.   The good thing is that I finally got the tractor working and  it started this morning when I took the recycle bin out to the court.  It does smoke me out when it starts in cold weather but hey, it did start.  I really am looking forward to having a building for the tractor where I can at least warm up the diesel on cold days. 

I learned yesterday that on Monday, our son, Dave will start working for the Automation Department for the Department of Revenue in Kansas.   He will be keeping the systems working and I hope they put him to work with the Customer Service part of that Department.   He is so cool and level headed and I know that the employees will appreciate how hard he works to  get everything working well. 

I will cut this off here and see if things get back to normal soon.


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