I guess the Barbershop Chorus doesn't have a good communications tree.  Last night only 5 of us showed up and I am not sure why.  The good news is that when I came home, there was a Christmas program on ABC with Jennifer Nettles as the host, and they sang their hearts out.  It was really nice to sing along with that show as they did a lot of the traditional songs with great music and background singers.  As usual, Jennifer's voice is still in great shape and she did a wonderful job.   

There was an article in the paper yesterday that indicated that Shell Oil gave up their efforts to find new oil in Southern Kansas.  The mineral rights for 625,000 acres is available.  I don't think I'll bid on much of it. I do wonder what the effect on the value of our mineral rights will be.  If the increase in taxes is any idea, the value won't change much to the negative.  I guess every oil producer is out there doing their best to bring up all that $90.00 a barrel oil they can.

Today is predicted to be the last nice day for a couple of weeks.  There is an artic cold front headed this way and tonight at midnight is said to be the warmest temperature for tomorrow and then for 7 to 14 days thereafter.  I guess I will get out some today and see what I need to do to ready the place for snow.  I know that Barb will want to make a trip to the library some time today.

Is it possible that a house is bad luck?  There is a house in Topeka that had a murder about five years ago and then over the weekend three people were murdered there.  Probably because the house is a rental in the poorest part of town.  The latest is probably a murder suicide as there was an ex-husband found dead and his ex shot in the head several blocks from the house.  Sad that people see death as the answer to their problems.  I can't imagine any situation that would make me give up hope.   But then again I have never been hopeless.

Speaking of being outside, There is one more tree I need to remove on the pad site of my new building.  The really bad news is that the builder is backed up and cold weather won't help them get faster.  It should have started this week but now I'll bet it will be mid February.  I have figured out that the diesel tractor will start in the cold weather, I am not as in a hurry as I was.  I think I need to see what I can do about the leaves also.  If I don't kind of push them off the yard and into the forest, they will be there come spring.  I guess that's been the way it was for years and years and Barb doesn't really care.  It is only my problem. 

Better stop writing here and get ready for some work. 



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