'Puter Problems

I guess I'll have to get Dave over soon and have him look at the USB port and external drive problem I seem to be having.  He has his A+ Certification and I will see if it was a good investment or not.  I have a lot of things stored on an external drive and can't seem to get the computer to recognize it since I upgraded to windows 8.1.  The USB ports on the front of the computer seems loose and I don't get a good connection from them.   Oh well, Dave to the rescue.  I am sure that he is always up to a trip to the computer store on Metcalf in KC. 

The KU Basketball coach has a dilemma that about any other coach would love to have.  He has a talented team with about 11 great players and he can't seem to get them motivated to play as hard as their talents allow.  It is a tough balance to keep them all happy and involved.  The one constant is the play of Perry Ellis who must have learned to play from a poker player.  His facial expression and body language doesn't change.  Make a tough shot, miss an easy one and all he will do is run back down the floor to play defense. 

I want to send a shout out to the NCAA Rules committee.  I applaud your efforts to raise the foul standards for defensive players.  Now, get the referees to call fouls for the offensive players evenly.  A foul is a foul on both sides.  I would also ask they spend a little more time educating the referees so the fouls are consistent on both sides of the floor.  I applaud them for trying to bring the art back into the game.  It should not be a contact sport and it was headed that way.

Since we have all of our property paid for, we have to pay the taxes out of our pockets rather than from an escrow account.  This month, the Clark and Shawnee County taxes are kind of a wake up call.  The good news is that we have the money to pay them but it was a surprise.  Add to that the property insurance payments due this month and for some it could have been a bleak Christmas.
thankfully for us it is not. 
I think Barb is going out to shop for our family in Morocco.  There are just a few odds and ends they can't get there.  I think Vanilla is hard to buy because most of it has alcohol in it.  But, I don't understand food coloring being in shorty supply.  Oh well, we love to shop for them and they pay us back by stopping for a visit when the come to the US.  Someday they will be back in the USA and we'll get to see them more. 

Oh well, better listen to some of my Christmas music for tonight's chorus practice.  I need to learn the words and the Bass part a little better.  Last week at the end of one song I sang the Baritone part and led the bass section astray. 


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