Hump Day

I have been singing the Christmas songs getting ready for the sing out this weekend.  As I did that, I ran into Pentatonix, an "a cappella" group.  Had to look that one up as spell checker would not get me close or give me anything.  What it means is that it is a musical group that uses no real instruments in their music.  Pentatonix is a group with 5 members that not only are great they are entertaining with their own vocal percussion and a Bass that is out of sight good.  I tried to find their Christmas album but Wal Mart and Barnes & Noble both didn't carry their music.  It is available on line.

Last night I went up the stairs and saw the moon with a haze around it.  The old wives tale is that if the moon has a haze either your eye balls are frozen or the weather is headed for a change. This morning it is at least 20 degrees colder than yesterday.  It got up in the mid 40's yesterday.  Won't break freezing today according to the weatherman.  Going out to get the paper this morning was an adventure.  Cold with a cutting wind of at least 20 MPH. 

Our deer seem to be holding up and the trail camera didn't take a picture in 4 days.  Not sure what the problem is but it is possible I had it in the wrong setting.  I'll reset it this morning when I take down some more corn.  There were three deer at the feed pan yesterday when I went out to put some more corn out and the ran off.  I watched and during the day they didn't return. 

Today is a combo day.  It is hump day and laundry day.  Better get busy



  1. My trail cam has a low battery light on the front that comes on when you need to change batteries. It will not take pictures when the light is on. My batteries only last 60 to 90 days. Some cameras have a 1 year battery. Mine also has a camera memory card. I have 2 cards 0f 4 GB. When I get the pictures, I just exchange the cards and take the card into the house to download into the computer. Works better than bringing the camera to the computer. Check to see if you can do that on your trail cam. Ray

  2. Ray, Thanks for the good info. I loved my old camera and it just stopped working. The new camera doesn't work as well at night as the old one did. I do have an extra 4 GB memory card and will start swapping them. In good weather, I would bring in the card download and then take the card back down the hill. Now that it is slick and cold the swapping idea is one to try.