Singing Christmas

Today we will go to about four different retirement communities and sing our Christmas songs.   I have the opportunity to sing with a quartet late tonight as their Bass is not available.  I am torn if after four hours of singing there will be and voice left.  I am honored that the quartet did ask me to sing.  I was a baritone the last time I sang the Christmas songs and am just learning the Bass parts.  We'll see how it looks at the end of the day. 

It will be interesting to see if KU men's basketball team can find the right mix of players and tempo to return to their early level of success.  Most teams with four or five freshmen would have a team that played well individually and struggled as a team.  There was a time during the Florida game that they struggled playing as a team and as individuals.  KU beat Florida point wise in the second half but had dug themselves such a hole that it was more than they could dig themselves out of.  Tonight at 6 PM we'll get a chance to see what the heck they have worked out for New Mexico State. I will set the DVR just in case I am singing.

The weather here in the heartland took a nasty turn this morning.  It was almost 45 yesterday and this morning it is mid 20's with a 20 MPH wind.  The weatherman says it won't get much warmer as the day goes on. The roads will have salt and sand on them out in the city but I don't know what it will be like getting there.  We'll see.

I guess I'd better start getting ready to sing.  Khakis and Christmas sweaters will be the uniform of the day.  I thought it very interesting that the person that send out our scheduling information mentioned to shine those brown shoes.  Our Chorus has three retired Colonels' in the bass section.  We do need a top tenor or two but can't find many that want to sing Barbershop with us.  Col Wayne Cline was given a "Man of Note" award for recruiting me initially.  When he invited me to rejoin, they gave his another "Man of Note".  I wonder if he should share one with me?  No, I don't need any more awards or decorations on my "I Love Me" wall.  I know who I am and don't need any further encouragement. 

Have a great time out there.   I sure as hell will.  Nothing beats the sound of dentures clicking as the old folks try to sing along.


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