One of the family traditions for our family is to get together near Christmas and have soup.  Everyone brings their best and we vote for our favorite.  The winner takes home the traveling trophy and we have some great food.  For a couple of years I have taken a seafood gumbo and next year I am going to elevate my game. Did I mention that I didn't win?  My gumbo is good but man the competition is fierce.  We follow our soup lunch with a White Elephant Gift exchange.  That is always a lot of fun. 

I was glad to see that K-State won their Bowl game last night.  Their efforts make the large group of travelers feel like it was worth the cost.  I will admit that after a long day I didn't see the final of the game.  It was fun to watch K-State own the first quarter and do well.

Our 'Nother daughter, Mel is due here today with her new boy friend and three Australian Cattle Dogs.  Will be fun to have her here and I am looking forward to having a dog or two, or three around.  I think this is about the longest time we have been without a dog.  It does make it nice to be able to jump in the car and go somewhere without having a dog to worry about. 

Yesterday was in the 60's and today it is predicted to be in the 20's.  A cold front passed through without much moisture in the air so it will be mostly cold and blustery without wet.  Good thing I don;t have a lot of things to accomplish outside today. 

Oh well, it is early and I need a couple of cups of coffee.


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