Sunny Days

After a few cold days, we are getting what to me is kind of normal December weather.  The nights are just below freezing and  the days are mid 40's.  If the wind is not blowing hard, it is almost light jacket weather outside.  For me, a sweatshirt does it.  I do have some chores left outside but I am not really into raking leaves as long as Barbara doesn't care.  I do have one tree yet to cut down as it encroaches in the right of way of the proposed building.  I say proposed as God only knows when it will finally get built.

Barb finally pressed me to get a tree and she is decorating it with natural decorations.  I saw her headed out with her camera and a pair of scissors yesterday and headed to the neighbor's decorative grass.  We need to add some more but I am not on the "Do Pretty" list of people so I will just admire her work.  I did fetch the lights up from the basement storage room and will take the boxes back down today (or tomorrow)

We just made contact with my niece, Janet, who is in KC visiting.  She stopped in Iowa and got married on the way here.  She is one half of the couple knows as Twyla Susanne and Janet Goff-Dieffenbaugh.  Whatever she wants to call herself, I hope she knows that we love her and Sue lots and lots.  If the Pope doesn't feel that he has any right to comment, who am I to have anything but good thoughts of them for the happiness in their life.  We are going to Kansas City to meet them for lunch at 1 PM.  Barbara is making bread to take to our Daughter-in-law along with some apple butter.  I am sure there is a shortage of treats in their office.

I hate to think about how many extra calories are shared at workplaces during this week.  The Adjutant General's office would give each office a day during the last week prior to Christmas and the treats were always so great.  One of the guys would always bring a crock pot full of KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce and little Smokies.   By the time to serve the smell would about drive my hunger button crazy.  People would kid Charlie about his predictability but I did notice there were never any left over. One of these days I will have to write my tribute to Charlie.  He is one great guy. 

Well, I had better get cracking on at least one of my Pre-Christmas projects.  The vacuum is laying right where I left it yesterday. 


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