Merry Christmas

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  I probably won't blog much more this week so I want to get that in.

It snowed over the weekend here in the Heartland and the daytime high today is to be less than 15 degrees.  Needless to say Barb won't be out much and I will be out only to get from the house to the car and back.  I do have about 150 lbs. of cracked corn in the trunk for ballast so the Ford might get me around.  If you see an old guy with a silver Ford and silver hair driving slow, it is probably me.

Have a safe one out there.


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  1. And without his glasses. I took them off because they fogged over when I came back in after spending 15 minutes scraping over 1/4 inch of ice off the windows.