Changes in the Weather

Yesterday I was outside without a coat and I can't say the same about today.  If I wanted to see the daytime high today, it was just as midnight arrived.  The Temperature has been steadily falling since and is just above freezing with a light mist falling and a 20 MPH north wind, it isn't fit for man nor beastie out there.  I probably will go down the hill and feed the deer but little else.

This morning Barb asked me what was on my agenda.  (Insert the sound of silence here)  By the time I finished reading the paper and drinking a cuppa coffee, I had about half of the day's planned events done.  I am drinking the second cup of coffee and writing here and that was about the other half of what I planned to do.  I think I will do the floor in the kitchen and the dinning room but that's is about it.  Oh, I am listening to the Bass part of the songs for the year for the Barbershop Chorus and that's about it for dual tasking.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours moving leaves to their final resting point for the winter.  I hate to have them piled up against the house on the deck and in front of the garage doors.  I worked on the leaves on the sidewalk in front of the house and started a leaf pile.  Perhaps by spring they will have composted down into something I can sprinkle on the garden.  I might have to get a bag or two of composted manure to help the leaves really break down. 

Barbara has the Christmas packages sent off to Morocco and today she will probably work on the family treat packages for her family.  They get fudge, cookies and divinity at Christmas.  Barb will probably do a little more shopping for the kids in both of our families.  She loves to shop for others. 

One task I have today is to pay the property taxes on the rental houses.  It is that one year event that helps me realize that rentals aren't completely as much income.  There is a fair amount of outgo to offset the income.   I guess I should sit down and figure out what the return is.  Both houses are due a roof in the near future.  The little house won't be a large expense but the bigger house could be cause to have a loan for a year of two.  We'll see.


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