Porcine Action

Dave said this was saving his bacon or a porcine action.  Dave's car had a dead battery this AM and I went over and took his wife to work.  Good news is that she was on time, bad news, the battery is dead, kaput, and fairly expensive. We replaced it as it was 5 years old.  It only had 200 cranking amps out of the rated 550.  Oh well, it is an early Christmas present.

On the way back and forth, I kept hearing Dave's cell phone sending him messages. (or so I thought)  After we finished the battery work and his car up and running I drove home only to continue to hear that damned noise.  I checked and it was a Tea cup under Barb's seat from our last trip.  It was banging against the seat frame and I swear it sounded like Dave's Text alert.  Oh well, my hearing isn't completely gone. 

Dave's in-laws are currently living in Las Vegas and are going to be able to retire in a few short years.  The hope is that the housing market will recover enough to not leave them completely in the hole when they do.  Dave thinks they will want to move back to the heartland to be near friends, their church and family.  They are great people and we sure hope things work out well for them.  They are the kind of people that make the Heartland a great place to live.

For some reason, the Barbershop Chorus practice was a lot of fun last night.  We had a pretty full turn out after a shut out last Monday.  We are going to sing at 4 retirement homes this weekend.  We decided to start the next Monday night practice at the local Mall and do a flash Mob thing in the food court.  Should be fun to sing there.  That is one of the three places I want us to sing.  The rotunda at the Topeka Library is a wonderful place and I want us to sing there at least once.  The third place I want us to sing is to do our Director's version of Home on the Range in the Capitol Rotunda.  I would want it to be on Kansas Day but it might not work as the place is pretty busy with other activities. 

Did I mention that it is one cold bear out there this morning?  I know I need to take down some food for the deer.  Barb had prepared some sliced apples to go with the bread.  She is so nice to those critters.  I think it is about time to bring the Trail cam up and download the pictures.  In good weather I do it every day.  In bad weather about once a week is enough.   Yesterday when I went out to fetch the paper, there were lots of dog and deer tracks out in the driveway.  I think the dog tracks were from the neighbor's black lab and not dogs chasing the deer on purpose. 

One thing kind of interesting is that since the start of Deer Hunting season here in Kansas, I have not seen one buck.  The doe's with their yearlings seem to be showing up regularly but no Bucks.  They are probably hiding down in the creek bottoms and away from the hunters.  They may be dumb animals but they aren't stupid.

Oh well, better get moving or I'll get stuck to this chair.



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