Post Christmas Green

I know that a lot of people get the blues after Christmas but I like to think of think of it as the green's  because that's when Barb does a lot of her shopping.  We have a gift closet that when pressed into service has a gift for about anyone.  It is a lot like the tools in my garage.  If I need one I have a tool for about everything somewhere out there.  I keep promising myself that I will build storage lockers in the new shed to help organize the clutter and chaos.

One of my Facebook friends posted "The Little Drummer Boy" on Facebook.  It was by the group Pentatonix.  They were last year's winners of the Sing Off.  I have looked in every store in Topeka and Lawrence for a copy of their CD's and have struck out.  Dave downloaded PTX Vol. 1 & 2 from his I Tunes Account and gave them to me for Christmas.  I have listened to then and love the close harmony and rich sound they make.  In return, I loaned him my Tom Clancy Book.  I don't know how long he will have it but I will have a lot of winter to read it.

Have you thought about your New Year's resolutions?  I think of them kind of like the 2014 bucket list.  Here are some of mine
  • I am going to move a bunch of stuff out of the garage and into the new metal building.  I am going to build storage lockers and get it all organized.  Well, somewhat.
  • I am either going to find a nice 327 motor for the 57 Chevy or go with a new crate 350 motor.  I am also going to see if I can find a good rack and pinion steering system and disc brakes to make it go straight and stop quick and an AC.  Either that or I am going to sell it to someone that will use it.
  • I am going to dedicate this year to finding and putting Barb into a new(er) car.  Her old Buick is on its last leg.  I think I will put a survival kit in that car.  The kit is a cell phone and a screwdriver.  She can call me and take the license plates off the car when it dies ugly - and it will.
  • Dave's house needs a garage and a tornado shelter.  Perhaps a combination might be what the doctor ordered.  I will try to not be directive about where and what they get. 
  • With the high number of relatives in their 90's, I feel assured that we will have one or two get togethers.   Perhaps I will get to stop and see a couple more National Parks this year.
  •  I am going to do my best to become the best "Barbershopper" I can be this year.  Practice, Practice, Practice... 
On thing I am going to try to do is to get everyone to accept that in spite of the fact that someone disagrees with you, they have every right to say whatever they feel.   If we start with removing stupid speech, soon the opposing speech will get banned and then finally our right to stand up on a soap box and shout at things we see as wrong.  That, dear one's is one of the basic tenants of our country.  The rest of the world doesn't understand it, but they live where they live.  We need to celebrate the fact that we have not had a Monarchy, a Theocracy or a Dictatorship rule us in our over 200 years.    This is why we feel it is important to keep our free speech. 


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