It Warmed up and What did We Get? SNOW!

Last week the weatherman predicted 2 to 4 inches of new snow and I thought it was too cold to snow.  We normally get snows only when the wind shifts to the south and that warm moist air meets the cold.  That's what happened yesterday and we got an inch of new white ground cover.  Pretty but as soon as that snow left, the clear sky let the heat out and now it is pretty, cold.  Walking out to get the paper I could feel the wind blowing through my coat and it sure was nice to get back in and drink a hot cuppa coffee.

One nice thing is that our trip to Oklahoma was delayed from today to a little later on.  Now sure when the lawyers will get their schedule together and make it happen.  One way or the other, I will be glad to stop the trips to Shawnee, OK.  I have driven about every way to get there and none of them are very exciting.   It has been nice to see Rick in Skiatook and the Quicks over in Cleveland.   With that said, The Ford is about to turn over 100,000 miles and we are wearing it our fast. 

Speaking of Ford's, the paper today had an ad for one of the new Ford's that claims to get 100 MPG.  It is some kind of electric motors and a 2.0 gas motor combination.  It was the only car without a price shown.  I guess if you have to ask, you can't afford it.   My brother has a Prius with a lot of miles and it gets 50 MPG and is still running down the road well.  That has to be the future of cars.

Dave and His wife came over yesterday and I attempted to fix shrimp and grits.  It was pretty much a failure.  They tasted pretty darned good when I fixed them last time.  This time the grits just never got firm and the shrimp sauce had to be remade as the 1st batch of Cajun seasoning for the shrimp was too salty.  We ate it but there was no raving over the quality.  On the other hand, Barb put some chicken breasts in the crock put and added a package of  wild rice soup and man was that ever good. 

When the girls finished eating and they made Christmas cookies for Barb's parents.  They made wedding cookies for her mother and a version of the Uncle Chuck's Chocolate Chip cookies for her dad.  They just aren't the same without coconut and with Splenda.  I guess they are a lot better than no cookies.  I know that Barbara and her sisters worked hard to find the perfect cookie recipe.  I know it was tough work to eat all those near perfect cookies to reach perfection.  I know they don't last long whenever they show up here. Somehow they manage to incorporate coconut and oatmeal into a cookie that is just yummy.  I'll bet there are all sorts of family recipes for Christmas goodies.  There is Mom B's fudge that is also mighty fine.

The deer are still looking pretty good as I feed them cracked corn.  If the December weather is any hint of what's to come,  look out come January.  That's when the sick lame and lazy deer show up looking for food.  Perhaps I need to move the feed pan a little closer to the house so I don't have to slip and slide down the hill. 
It's hard work but someone had to feed them.

Feed them and they will come
Global Warming is a hoax.  It is only December and colder than hell out there.


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