I won't do anything as mundane as to try to write what my New Year Resolutions will be in about a week.   I will try to share a few things that are important to me and see if it sparks anything in your life:

- I hope you all are in good health and see your Doctor on at least an annual basis.  My Medical plan now also gives me a "Medical Review" with a professional to talk about my health issues.  This last year it was with a Nurse Practitioner (PA?) and she discussed my lab test scores and looked at all my Meds for any possible interaction.  It was a nice visit with a pretty, intelligent, young Lady.  Not the worse way to spend an hour of my time.   I also will see my regular Doctor and at least once go to the VA to see the Green team there. 

- For all the old guys out there, a good friend of mine just posted that he is undergoing Chemo because he had not been watching his PSA score and has developed Prostate Cancer.   According to my family doctor, most men will die with Prostate Cancer but it is such a slow growing cancer that it won't be the cause of death in most cases.  I did just have a good friend die of it last year so it is a cause of death.   When you have your annual physical and your PSA is above 4 talk to your Doctor.

I am scared to death that things financially won't be as good in the out years.  It is hard to make any money on my investments without a lot of risk.  I have people giving me a lot of good advice but so far I haven't changed the old straw that "The return of my money is more important than the return on my money."  Most years I can turn a profit on my rental houses but the new roof on the big house has cut that this year.  The falling oil prices has cut the revenue on that too. 

Where did my name get out so everyone can tell where we live?  This week even the Jehovah's Witnesses found us and paid a visit.   I guess I need to get in the Witness Protection Program.  (Or the Witless Protection program that keeps you all from laughing at my tired jokes.)  I did get a new Cell Phone and that added a few new call for a while.  My Internet Address hasn't changed and it seems that a lot of businesses have added me to their regular mailing.  Every time I get a new message I look for the unsubscribe link and am doing my best to kill them.  I wonder if the Politicians sold my name when I showed up on their DNP (Did not Pay) list to their 2014 campaigns. 

Every year I start out with a lot of ideas to make our life better here at Rabbit Run.  Seems like I am a plethora of ideas but not so much on the "Get'r-Done" side.  It seems a lot like there is more to maintain each year and less energy to do it.  I do have a Brother-in-Law that thinks I need to ditch my rentals and that would help.  But, what would it do to my income for a year to report all that gain?  Where would I invest the money to make it all worth while?  

One thing I think will need to be done this year is to look at the transportation here at Rabbit Run.  Both our cars have a lot of miles on them and I am less and less sure that I would strike out in either one for a trip more than a couple of hundred miles.  I will admit that there are fewer and fewer things I need to go see each year as mu bucket list gets more and more complete.  I loved Zion National Park but just how many times do you need to see it? 

The more crazy the rest of the world gets, the less likely that I will go to other countries.  The Religion of peace has killed more people this year than was necessary.  I would think that converting people in the world rather than killing them would be a better idea.  That approach seems to work for the Mormons.  

I guess I will just keep singing and doing my best to make Barbershop sounds to as many people that want to hear us.


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