I try to focus on the things I understand and try to not hold you to a standard that we don't both understand.  I think that if we look at the hard truth, we are a hell of a lot more alike than different.  There might have been a time that I wanted to be the richest SOB in town but I am pretty content to have what I have and would rather share than accumulate more.  I would rather call a close crew of people my friends than hate any one person. 

Last night, I went to the KU Vs. Florida Men's Basketball game.  The Florida team came out in the first half and it looked like Kentucky had come to Allen Field House all over again.  The young KU team overplayed the passing zones and Florida made them look foolish.  The second half started and the 15 point deficit became 18.  Then things changed,  slowly, KU started making shots and getting rebounds.  They chewed their way back in the game and the noise level in the Fieldhouse went through the roof.  When the score got tied, the place went crazy.  If I had to watch a regular game, I would have smiled and gone home.  Watching great people do great things it just couldn't have gotten any better.  Win or lose, this season will be a wonderful ride no matter the outcome. 

I am not sure where this post is really going.  I want you to know that we all share this little world and I will not hate you because of your color, race, religion or National Origin.  I hope you all wake up tomorrow and find a way to see how much the same we are, not the difference. 


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