Yes, I'm Curious

John Dillinger was once asked why he robbed Banks.  He replied "Because that's where the money is."    Why do the Police patrol the minority neighborhoods, "Because that's where the Crime is."  Why is this so difficult to understand?  If the unemployment is so high in the minority areas of the cities, why so many young men out on the street?  Because they don't have jobs, That's why.  Duh. We need to find ways to help them find jobs and they will go to work.  Hanging around a bunch of unemployed people is enough to make anyone feel there is little hope.

How can we increase the communication in our society so that people in poor areas understand that the Police are out there well armed because people there are?  If no one shoots or attacks the Police, they won't shoot and attack people there.   Having been a parole officer, I understand the problem of dealing with thugs.   Once you deal with a couple hundred of them, you begin to think they are all capable of Thuggery.   It only took me less than a year to get that callused and hard. 

My real question is how can we turn this around so the people and the police join forces to make it all work?    I smile and talk to Police officers and have only been stopped when I was breaking the Law speeding.  I was polite and gave the officer what he wanted when he asked for it and said yes sir, no sir when he asked questions.  He warned me to slow down faster and didn't even write a warning ticket.  I had and still have many friends on the Topeka Police force and like most of them.  I don't like them all because like the rest of the world, there are a few people I just can't abide. 

There are a couple of things I don't like in this world.  I really have a tough time dealing with stupid people.  I also have problems with people that try to use power instead of courtesy when dealing with people.  I will say yes sir and no sir and expect you to do the same.  I fully expect you to use my name properly and hate it when you use my first name unless we have been doing business for a while. 

All in all, I live where I do because I could go to school, make money and save some.  I am sorry that you don't live like I do but I didn't cause you to spend your money the way you did. 

MUD, aka Mr. Wondering Why

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