Between Holidays

After Christmas and right into New Year's eve, there is s short period of time to kill.  I have a few things to do but can truthfully claim I am resting up.   Kind of like the time after you have spent all your budget allotment and there is no more to spend in the Government. 

Today I got an interesting letter in the Mail.  It is from the VA and tells me that I can get services from the VA if they can't give me an appointment within 30 days and/or I am more than 40 miles from a VA facility.  With a VA right down the street, I don't foresee many times that it will do me any good.  The person that it will help is my Father-in-Law out in Idaho.  It takes them forever to get him into the facility in Boise and it is a way to drive.  Sure hope it is good for him. 

Speaking of Medical care and insurance, I have a Military retirement because of my 30+ years serving in the Military (Active, Reserve and Guard)  and at age 65 it turned into Tri-Care for Life.  That is a program that pays like a Medi gap insurance and it covers most of what Medicare doesn't.  That's another part of the retirement that a lot of Guardsmen and Reservists don't hear much about.  While active, the benefits after you retire are a long way off and you hear the annual briefing but you listen with only one ear. 

It is nearing the time that I will soon have a few good books to read and I'll do just that.  The kids will move home next week and the work load here at Rabbit Run will slow down.   I will probably miss the Grand-Kitties but they will be home alone and will probably miss me too.  There is generally one or two nearby wanting petted or just to be where people are.  I resisted saying where the action is because there are a lot of times there is little action.  I have been known to stretch out on the couch and take a well deserved nap. 

This morning I took some of the left over mashed potatoes out of the fridge and made potato pancakes.  About 2 cups of mashed pots, about a half cup of flour, an egg and some baking powder with a little milk to make them liquid enough and they make some great pancakes.  I don't like them with syrup on them, just straight up like fried hoe cakes.  Last night I made a gumbo with some left over turkey and sausage.  I think I ate three bowls but I had skipped breakfast.  I hit lunch light but not supper. 

Today there are s few Tom Selleck cop movies on Sony Movie Channel.  I forgot that he had a great career making cop movies as well as his TV career as Magnum PI.  I guess if you throw in his role as a sharpshooter in Australia (Quigley Down Under - Had to look that one up) he has had a lot of good things in his career.  Now he is the Police Commissioner in NY and another cop.  In a way, he is a lot like John Wayne and he just plays himself in different roles.  Not that it is bad, just making the comparison.  I do like his portrayal of Jesse Stone the small town cop in Maine also.

We just had a visitor.  Evidently the Jehovah's Witnesses have found us and wanted to drop off a copy of the Watchtower.  I politely thanked them for stopping by and told them I was not interested.  My mother would have invited them in and tried to convert them to Baptist.  Not this time Mom.  She almost always had a pot of coffee and a slice of fruit cake to share.

Oh well, have managed to waste a whole morning and am much better for it.  Have a great weekend and rest up.  I saw some of the Christmas pictures and know I need some beauty sleep.  (Or sleep for the ugly with delusions of adequacy)


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