Merry Christmas

What are your memories of Christmas.  I have had good ones and at least one that is not so.  Probably the least favorite of them all was the Christmas in Vietnam (1968)   Don't let those pictures of units eating in mess halls and dining on turkey fool you into thinking that all uniformed members of the Military are fed that well on Christmas.   I was on a Mountain top in the middle of no where and we ate C-Rations for all three meals that day.  Being away from home on the first Christmas of my marriage added to the blahs.  The one thing that stood out as a winner was the bottle of 409 cleaner my sister sent me that was really a flask of scotch with a 409 cleaner label.  During the Christmas cease fire I had a nice evening playing cards and drinking Scotch.

One of my favorites involved my family and all the trimmings.  We met at my parent's house in Wichita and had a merry Christmas.  Our family Christmas's were generally held the Saturday just prior to the actual day of Christmas so the family could go to the other families for Christmas.  Barb and I were often known to jump in the car and drive to Barstow California and spend a day with her parents.  Being home was a tradition we started after having our own son. 

On our fast trip to Oklahoma, we stopped at a Wal*Mart and I found the Pentatonix, "Sounds Like Christmas to Me"  CD.  Great sounds and it really sounded like they had fun making the CD.   I highly recommend it. 

Yesterday our Daughter-in-law said that after next weekend they are going to be back in their home.  They will have their goods returned to them on New Year's Eve and have the long weekend to get things back in the right place. 

I hope you will have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.   


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