Yesterday Barb was baking the pies right before the turkey was ready to go in the oven.  After she completed her baking, I put the turkey in the hot oven.  What I didn't notice was that she turned off the oven and two hours later when I had less than two hours to put the turkey on the table, it was raw.  When Plan A doesn't work, we put Plan B in motions.  I put my best butcher act on and cut the turkey into pieces for a quick frying in a pan.  When we had enough to eat, I put some mushroom gravy on it and put it in the oven.   Our Son Dave said it was the best turkey he had ever had.  Shows you what most of us know.   He didn't say anything about the smoked Turkey enchiladas though.

After a nice lunch, we opened presents with Dave's In-Laws.  We all got to open one present in order and many god things were given to everyone.  My list started with Underwear and socks.  Right at the top of my list.  The only thing else I had asked for was a headlamp that gives you light right where you are looking.  Barb bought one and promptly sent it to her Dad.  Saved by the Bell, Larry gave me a box with two in it.  Barb then surprised me with a coffee table book about Kansas.  It has the top 8 things in several categories all about my State.  Now the task is to make short trips to as many of them as we can.  I have been to a lot of them.  One of our trips we rented a car with a backup camera and Barb bought me one.  I bought her a heated seat.  I guess we need these if we are going to travel this winter.

We have Dave' three cats here with us for another week when they get to go home.   I was watching a You tube video about cats and the youngest kitten came downstairs yowling because he was upstairs all alone.  It is a hoot that he plays hard to pet but doesn't want to be alone.  "Dogs have owners and Cats have Staff."  If you don't believe it, just ask them.

Better get this finished as you never know when the girls might want to get out for some post Christmas shopping.  I am sure there is some wrapping paper out there that needs bought.  Barb likes to have a short supply of things to give to the kids on our lists and after Christmas they are on sale. 
One of these days she might sort through the closet and make a good donation to the Salvation Army or the Marine's Toys for Tot's.  

Have a great week out there.


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