What Are We Doing?

For those people in charge with our Government,  I ask, "What are You Doing?"  If we try to please everyone today and we can't afford it, are we just, "Borrowing trouble in the future?"   

My Challenge to people in the USA that think they have it tough here, have you taken a good look at the rest of the world?   A lot of the police forces in places I have traveled have armed carry of automatic weapons and I am sure they know how to use them.  Most people in Mexico make a week about what they make in a day here.  WHY ARE THEY HERE?  duh!

I had my first full body scan in an airport in Germany at least 20 years ago.  They put me up on a box and sad me spread my arms and legs.  I know that they know what size I am and I don't mean shoe size.  The person watching the German equivalent of a TSA Agent was armed with a sub machine gun.  I am glad that all I have to take off is my shoes here.

In Oklahoma, the oil in the ground is valued at nothing until it is pumped out of the ground.  Here in Kansas they estimate the amount and you have to pay property taxes on it.  When Clark County valued the oil this year it was $100 per barrel or thereabouts.  It has fallen to about $50. per and they charged the full price on the property taxes. That was almost twice what it was three years ago.  Up a couple of Thousand from last year.   What are we doing?

It seems that a lot of people want to have solar and wind energy but not in their back yard.   They don't want the Government to help pay for it but if it doesn't the consumer's do.  Yep you and me.

We are blessed with free speech for now but there are people that are willing to give parts and pieces of it up to silence the critics they don' like.  Free speech isn't all that important until you have something to say and you can't. 

Why does it take an act of congress for people to be able to do what they desire in their life.  If you don't want a gay marriage, don't have one.  If you don't like abortion, don't get one.  If you don't like someone's religion, go get your own.  Just leave me alone about it.

Jes' Say'n


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