My First Hockey Game

Last Night, the Capitol City Barbershop Chorus sang the National Anthem for the Local Hockey Team.  I stayed and watched the first period and we were all told of the saying, "I went to a fight and a Hockey Game broke out."   For the most part, it was a lot of fast skating and not much fighting.  Not being aware of the rules, it didn't make a lot of sense.  Four or five times up and down the rink and they teams would switch skaters.  That went on until a lucky bounce sent the puck into the net.  That was followed by some of the sappiest time out skits I ever saw.  It was neat to watch the Zamboni work out and then I went home.  I'll stick to basketball as my favorite sport.

Given a free choice, I think watching old western's or War Movies could be a close second to the Basketball games.  I am pretty sure that Barb loves basketball but not the old movies I watch.  She loves to watch people try to buy houses in places where they are grossly inflated and the kind of show where they restore old homes.  This spring it will be time to put some new touches on Rabbit Run.  25 years of good living here is beginning to show on the finish of our house. 

Have I mentioned that Barb and I have a deal?  I get to do the infrastructure and mechanical things and she does pretty.  I tend to be way too influenced by natural colors  (Brown, khaki and other muted colors) and she can do pretty, pretty well. 

Well, time to go out and about...


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