The Weather

I'd rather the weather was nicer but I'm glad it warms up enough to melt the ice off the sidewalk.  I am looking forward to Friday and perhaps a day of sunshine.  I want to take a couple of shots of the Capitol building and they just don't come out on foggy cloudy days.

Have you made your Christmas wish(s) yet?   Barb told me that my present was just the right size to send in a package to her Dad.  I think, (Hope) she will replace it but am not sure.  I need to get out and buy her present.   It is difficult to buy for people that really don't need much.  The truth is that several pairs of my underwear are getting so old that the elastic band in the waste bands are getting so old they need replaced.  Throw in a few pair of socks and I'll be set. 

I'm trying to find a roofer that will replace the roof on the rental house.  It is a combination of sloped and flat roof so not everyone can or will do it.  The estimates are coming in at about $8,000 so far.  The good news is that I will have enough money to pay the taxes and the roof.  Next year I'll re roof the little house and the garages.   It takes money to make money.    I also have some plans on remodel for the bigger house if my tenant follows through with her threat to move to Silver Lake come the end of the school year. 

Last night, I watched the KU Vs. Georgetown Men's Basketball game/wrestling match.   The have a 350 lb. center that just fills the lane.  He is the unstoppable force and it took a great shooting effort for Brannen Greene  of KU to keep ahead.  It was clear from the start of the game that the announcers thought Georgetown was going to win and KU might as well stayed home.  After leading for most of the game, Georgetown finally got a one point lead and the announcers went nuts.  KU soon tied it up and when Greene went on his three point shooting demonstration hardly talked about KU and their fine defense.  All in all, Announcers don't win or lose the game.  Georgetown fans stayed loud and proud but after playing in Allen Field House it was nothing the Hawks hadn't heard.  I was amazed that the referees could maintain any semblance of law and order with all the wrestling under the basket.  The Georgetown Center camped out in the lane and it was more like a 5 to 10 second rule for him.  Oh well, great game Hawks.   Now they have to play Utah and that will be a big challenge. 

For some reason, we sang at several "Older adult Facilities" last month and we are not going to do any Christmas singing.  Friday night we'll do the National Anthem at a Hockey Game here in Topeka. I told the wife that I may stay and watch a while as I have never really seen a Hockey Game.  Barb said she doesn't understand hockey beyond the puck in the net scoring.  The finer points of icing and penalty minutes are just not in her lexicon. 

Oh well, I hope you all have a great weekend and get to enjoy friends and family.


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