I Love America

I am not sure that I have made it clear that as much as I disagree with the way our Government has been running things,  I Love America.   Where else in the world could we have a Government system that gets away with ignoring the reality of life and still allow the freedom for us to criticize it?  We have a system of taxes that allow our economy to called free enterprise and yet have a taxation system that continues to take a greater share of what we make.   It is not fair, but who the heck said life was fair?

One of the biggest errors we have continued to make for 50 years is our treatment of Cuba.  You remember Cuba don't you?  That was the Island paradise 90 miles off our shores that because we didn't like their form of Government we fenced them off from our riches.  Perhaps it did aid in the fall of Russia, but not overnight and no without costs to us.  Do you wonder why we allow people to travel to Russia, Vietnam and China and not Cuba?  Moving on...

Because of the excellent camera's we have, we love to travel to the National Parks here in America.  If you haven't put Yellowstone on your places to go, I highly recommend it.  It is like no other place in America for the divergence there.  The Geyser Basin is a trip all by itself and worth the time and energy to see it.  Old Faithful get a lot of press but there are other geysers there that are as spectacular.  It is reported that there are Bears there but we didn't see any.  Just as well.

As much as I loved the Blueberry pie in Maine, I wasn't impressed with the lobster.  I liked Desert Island but Bar harbor not so much.  I think I liked the west coast as much or more.  Watching the sunrise there was worth the trip to me.  Get a big cuppa coffee and sit there in the sand.  I prefer sunrise to sunset.  Jes' say'n. 

For the record, I want you to know that as much as I love my Country, I fear my Government.


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